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Web Designing For Mobile Screens

Web Designing For Mobile Screens

The popularity of Android is growing at an exponential rate. It has already outstripped the usage base of Blackberry and Apple users. This is all the more remarkable as Android is a relatively new entrant to the market. Android is known for its mobile apps. A few of these apps can be of importance to website designers worldwide. This makes designers productive 24 x 7- at work, at home and even when they are traveling.

A free app “AndFTP” helps you to access your web servers on an Android mobile device. It lets you upload, view and update files from anywhere. As a website designer, you can edit your own website. It is also possible to edit your client’s website when there is no desktop or laptop present by using “AndFTP”. The app supports a number of domains from FTPS, FTP and SFTP connections. It has a superb user interface.

The app “SilverEdit” can be downloaded for free. It is an uncomplicated source code editor. A website designer like you can code up complete CSS, PHP and HTML files. You can then save them in the phone or send it to your email account. If you combine SilverEdit with AndFTP, it is possible to build and push websites with any handheld Android device.

You can download the Photoshop app without spending any money. It is brought out by Adobe. Compared to its desktop counterpart, its functionality is limited. But, to be fair, the app is equipped with basic image processing functions like ‘crop’ and ‘rotate’. Filters and image saturation adjustments are possible.

Web view source is another free app. It allows website designers and other professionals to inspect and download the entire web page’s source code to the text editor. This is possible while simultaneously browsing the Mobile Web. You can edit and manipulate code. It is also possible to make comments and save the file on your phone. You can also send the source code to your email account.

Dropbox is another free app. This file backup tool is cloud based and gives you the right to use a remote folder containing documents stored in a server. You simply save files on one computer and then you will be able to access the files that you have saved from any mobile device or computer. A lot of website design professionals take advantage of android and create a perfect work-life balance in their lives. Relaxation after a hard day’s work should not be marred for just routine duties- and a number of apps let you to enjoy the night or day without going to the office or staying at office after work hours.

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