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3 Top Features Of Cheap Web Hosting

3 Top Features Of Cheap Web Hosting

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Looking for cheap web hosting with the best features? Here is 3 of the top features that you should expect from a cheap web hosting provider:

Unlimited Account Features:

If you have done your research then you should know that the best hosting providers will offer unlimited bandwidth, diskspace, mail boxes, sub domains, ftp accounts and domain hosting. This gives you much more flexibility as well as no limit on the sites or traffic. You must be aware of any policies that the company has in place regarding the unlimited offer as some companies may use a fair use policy in order to protect stability within their company.

If you are using unlimited hosting on a cPanel interface then you can manage all your websites within one panel as well as access all email for all domains from one page. All traffic statistics will be visible from the same panel which streamlines the management of all sites together.

Free Lifetime Domain Registration:

One of the features i see alot these days is the fact that many companies are offering free lifetime domain registration so you will never have to pay for your domain name again. Although if you require extra domains within your account then you will have to pay a small fee but the domain you register on the sign up of your account will be free forever. Not all packages offer this feature so you would have to shop around, it should not be hard to find.

Free Advertising Credits:

Top cheap web hosting providers are now offer a large amount of free advertising credits for the popular pay per click networks such as facebook, myspace, google, msn and yahoo. The amounts of credit range from $ 50 right up to around $ 200 in total which allows you to drive the very first targeted buyers to your website and make your first sales.

Visit for Cheap Web Hosting and Web Hosting Reviews

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