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Frictionless Cloud Services made Possible by Managed Services for the Cloud

Frictionless Cloud Services made Possible by Managed Services for the Cloud

Cloud solutions are the latest vogue that has taken the industries and business, regardless of their size and types, by storm. The business owners are very excited that they do not have to pay fortune for the mission critical IT services. Those who came in late; managed hosting services for the cloud is a delivery model based on an on-demand basis. Though, it is very much similar to cloud hosting where a company outsources software, infrastructure and platform as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS respectively yet differs in the functionality and scalability which concerns most of business owners who are taking cloud services. Like any other cloud based management, these are also pay-as-you-go services. This model allows you to take advantage of fully functional and completely frictionless cloud services.

These are agile and ideal combination of application and system managed services. These address the problems of security and control when one business takes Managed hosting services. Contrary to being its full suite and an absolute management service, it is relatively affordable. Helping you to create operationally efficient model of business, the pricing of cloud management services is based on cloud computing usage. It is charged just between $ 0.05 and $ 0.60 per CPU hour. Though, the prices vary on the basis of data volume and other usage commitments.

As it is a newly developed system management services, few of cloud management enterprises are offering them. They have divided the managed hosting services for the cloud in two full fledged categories. One of these categories are meant for smaller organizations to help them out in system monitoring, administration and support so that they could minimize the operational risk for them. The other second division of managed cloud service handles application deployment, data and change management, system performance and compatibility analysis for companies which are using cloud services. This way they can reduce security risks and operational expenses effectively.

Along with that, news of the launch of a secure Ethernet VLAN connection is also doing rounds in IT circuits which will be compatible with managed hosting services thoroughly. This intranet will increase the functionality and flexibility of using a cloud service while propelling the performance of dedicated servers in managed cloud environment.

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