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Inexpensive Kitchen Countertop Options

Inexpensive Kitchen Countertop Options

The kitchen is often what turns a house into a home. It is where you prepare your favorite meals. In this regard, you need to consider a vital part of the kitchen which can enhance the beauty and warmth of your home. This is the kitchen countertop, which can be found in almost all modern and traditional homes today. The countertop is something that is used every day, and usually multiple times a day. No doubt that many homeowners want to have a kitchen countertop that is both functional and attractive.

In this regard, there are a lot of kitchen countertop options you can choose from. You will find that most of the durable and classy ones are quite expensive. So this could be a problem if you have a tight budget. Luckily, there are some kitchen countertop materials that are as tough and classy and yet are only a fraction of the cost of the expensive ones.

The countertops that we’ll discuss are made from affordable materials and include wood, ceramic and laminate. With proper design and appropriate finishes, they will look as expensive as the high-end countertops.

Laminate is one of the most inexpensive materials used for discount countertops. It is made up of plywood or fiberboard coated with plastic. It is very cheap with prices ranging from $ 15 to $ 60 per square foot. You have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Maintaining its surface is easy because it is water and stain resistant. However, this material is not resistant to heat and scratches so you need to also handle them with care.

If you have a very tight budget, then ceramic tiles, at around $ 4-8 per tile is as cheap as it gets. It is heat and scratch resistant and also comes in different colors and patterns. If the tiles are damaged, you can easily replace them. However, tiles could collect bacteria and germs on its grouts therefore you need to clean them regularly. You also need to handle them carefully because tiles can crack easily.
Wood is another cheap material, and these countertops are known as buther’s block countertops. They cost around $ 50 per square foot. Wood will give your kitchen a natural and warm look. You can prepare food directly on its surface. Light scratches can easily be removed by polishing. However, this material requires regular cleaning and sealing to maintain its attractive look.

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