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Why Small Businesses Are Turning to Cloud Phone Systems

Why Small Businesses Are Turning to Cloud Phone Systems

You’ve probably heard of the Cloud. Cloud PBX is the latest catchall term for functionality that you have been using with perfect equanimity for years already, so I wouldn’t worry too much about what it is. A cloud phone system uses the Internet to deliver your voice  service.

Because Cloud PBXS systems woks with the Internet, the only equipment that you need on your site are the IP Phones and you are able to make phone calls. Additionally all users are able to manage their service with an easy to use online tool . This  interface is the gateway to the latest functionality for  your cloud phone system. In other words – you no longer have to worry about investing significant capital loads in a new phone system, only to be told in the future that it has become obsolete.

Instead, you pay monthly for the latest functionality from your cloud PBX provider, which upgrades you on an ongoing basis normally without changing your monthly rental fee. All the actual phone system is owned, managed  and operated by the cloud phone systems provider in a data centre. The responsibility for keeping the system everything running is theirs, therefore freeing up staff time. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy enterprise quality services without any of the capital investment you thought you would have to make to do so.

That’s why it is called a “cloud PBX”. Because your cloud phone systems provider owns all the technology and you just pull it down out of that “cloud” as you need it.

The main advantages often  quoted are the reduction of operating costs, the ability to shift capital investment to an operating expense (always useful when you are trying to balance cash flow and the ability to have the latest telecommunication features.. Since small businesses tend to invest heavily in their telecommunications when they launch, the cloud PBX model makes a lot of sense – by reducing start up costs.

Cloud phone systems are the future, as is the use of the data cloud for using software tools related to other business processes. Get on board and get ahead.

G3’s Hosted PBX  phone system gives you a big company image and the competitive edge of never missing an important call. They are cost effective, have a variety of features and offer flexibility to the business owners.


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