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Demystifying cloud-based telephone systems for small business

Demystifying cloud-based telephone systems for small business

With all the noise about hosted phone systems for small office or cloud PBX, it is important to sieve information and separate facts from myths. This way, we can set the record straight regarding this new technology that has been gaining popularity among businesses. See if what you have in your bag of knowledge is a myth or a fact.

Myth #1: Internet is just for browsing through web sites. Fact: Internet is not just for browsing through pages of web sites, but for making VoIP phone calls as well.

Gone are the days that the Internet is just used as a platform to exchange textual data. Innovations in the field of communications have changed how most media types are handled. For as long as they can be coded into a form that can be sent through as signals and decoded back to its original state, any form of data can now be sent and received via Internet. It has indeed become a platform for most types of data, even voice. This gave rise to the acronym VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. The Internet is not just for browsing web pages or sending email anymore, but for real-time voice communication as well.

Myth #2 – Taking your business phone system to the cloud is expensive. Fact – Cloud-based telephone systems are affordable and cost-effective.

Most cloud PBX system providers today not only use the Internet to manage hosted PBX phone systems, they also provide a VoIP phone system that allows users call without being charged with expensive long distance call fees. Contrary to misconceptions that availing of this latest technology is expensive, you just need your existing Internet connection and telephones to make and receive calls by paying only monthly subscription fees that are affordable.

Myth #3: Cloud-based PBX phone system technology is 100% Fail-free. Fact: There is no such thing as 100% fail-free technology.

As with any technology, there is no guarantee that a system will never fail. All technologies, old and new, do experience system outage at one point. One criterion you need to consider in evaluating technologies is its reliability. When assessing reliability between two technologies, you can ask the following questions:

· How often does it fail and how fast can it recover from a failure?

· How much would you lose in your business due to a system failure?

Having these questions in mind, you can then assess which technology is better. With a simple but pragmatic benefit-cost study, you can quickly assess if a technology is worth implementing. If the value of gains far exceeds costs, then you have a net gain. And if it is good for the business in the long term, it should be worth looking into.

Pick a dependable service provider

Selecting a dependable cloud PBX service provider is critical. Not all providers give what they promised you when you were just asking them about their service. Be shrewd and do not get fooled by advertising gimmicks that lead you to committing to months of paid service. look for providers that let you to free trials. It is also best if you can find cloud PBX phone system providers that allow you to get off from their service during your subscription period anytime you desire without pre-termination fees.

Read more phone system articles and information via our website. Cloud pbx phone system provides many communication benefits for your business.It is best to know them and compare which phone system provider best suit your needs.

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