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5 Easy Steps to Build Email Lists – Free Tutorial

5 Easy Steps to Build Email Lists – Free Tutorial

It is not just about building a list, you need to create a profitable list! So there are some rules you should follow!

Step one. The market you need to work in has to be a profitable market. You don’t need to come up with something new and never thought of. Those are so hard to find now days. Get in the market where people are spending money, and work in it. You need to know what it is they have a problem with, so you can give away something of extreme value for free!

Little tip here.  The niche is not hard.  You just need to give something of value that is not easily found online. Something people would pay money for.

Step two. The technical part should not take you too long. Basically all you have to do is create 3 different squeeze pages, so you can send traffic to it. Each one has to be written differently, and always keep your audience in mind. You will do this, so you can split test, to see which offer converts the best!  You can easily find templates online, you just have to search for them, and of course do your editing with free HTML editor software.

Step three. Use as many free sources and cheap traffic to drive traffic to your site. There has to be a lot of traffic so you can test it, but after around 50-100 people you will know. Send a lot more traffic to the best converting page. This can be anything you can think of.  Classified ads, banner ads, Google ads, free methods such as article marketing, blog marketing etc.

Step four. Once you have visitors and subscribers, you want them to stay! So don’t lose them by sending junk offer. Always provide a lot more value. Be a better person then your competitor. Your e-mail list can feed you for many years to come. 

Step five. You of course will send them promotions from time to time. The best response and conversion rate, you are going to get is to help and solve another problem of theirs. This is not really hard to do. Find out what other problem they have, if you don’t know ask them, send a survey and you will know. The best conversion, is if you show them how it can help, so if it is a software, or guide, give them the reason the benefit, not the feature.

Those are 5 steps you have to follow to build e-mail list. It is not hard, and if done right, it can bring you a lot of money for years to come.

Sometimes it is so much easier to say how to do it, and putting it in action is harder. So not to leave you in the dark, get a step-by-step tutorial that walk you through it.

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