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A Review of the GVO Profits Website Hosting and MLM Opportunity

A Review of the GVO Profits Website Hosting and MLM Opportunity

GVO has some history behind it. Many years ago the owners owned a Kiosk Website Hosting company, which had an MLM Matrix Plan behind it. So the owners of this company have experience in running a Website Hosting Company with an MLM Program attached. It looks like Derrick VanDyke is the team leader and is running the marketing for this company.

GVO claims to employ 3 dynamics that separate them from all of the other Website Hosting companies currently out there.

1.) No Website Hosting Service provides all the Marketing Tools that they do.

2.) No Website Hosting Service provides all the training they do.

3.) No MLM Companies that own all the equipment and Fiber Optics.

The advantage here is that since they own all of their own equipment, they can keep the costs low for MLM Distributors and still provide quality service at the same time. The company also have a Video Component so you don’t have to pay for Video Hosting, which the standard price is $ 100.00 per month.

However the company is able to charge only $ 44.95 per month for their service. And if you can bring in 2 people, you will break even and get your hosting free for as long as they stay in the program and pay for their hosting. The service also offers autoresponders and run your own Hot Conference Seminars.

The MLM Compensation Plan for GVO is a forced matrix. From watching their into video it appears that spillover is created, so the person above you will start building your business even if you don’t recruit anyone. You can even direct your spillover to any position of your choosing, which I’ve never seen before in a Forced Matrix Plan.

Since the product being Website Hosting which every serious marketers needs anyway

Once you have 14 members in your downline, and they do not have to all be referred by you personally, you get what is called a Bank Position.

You can get unlimited numbers of these positions. You can place your Bank Position anywhere you choose in your matrix. The owners recommend you place them in a smart fashion.

For example if an MLM Heavy Hitter joins under you and asks what can you do for them if they join under you, you can just tell them you’ll give them one of your Bank Positions. And the Bank Position is a separate account and carries a separate username. Since you can place these Bank Positions anywhere in your Matrix, this allows you to get paid basically to infinity and allows the opportunity for unlimited growth potential.

A (2 x 10) full MLM Matrix is 2,046 people. Even if everyone was on the lowest package which is only $ 44.95 per month, a full matrix will earn you over $ 4,000 per month. You get paid even more if you personally refer people due to the matching bonuses involved. And this also doesn’t count the Bank Positions.

The GVO opportunity would cater very well for someone that has a big Internet Marketing or Network Marketing list, they could earn a nice residual income pretty quickly. But I think it could be a great supplementary income stream to anyone in Network Marketing to sell Website Hosting to their downline for extra income.

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