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Achieving Unified Communications Through Public And Private Cloud

Achieving Unified Communications Through Public And Private Cloud

Cloud hosting provides with one of the most efficient hosting platforms, private cloud is am improvisation that enhances the efficiency further. As these cloud hosting platforms affect the functioning of the website, they also have an effect on the unified communications present in the business. Unified communications is basically the integration of real time communication services that comprise of instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, speech recognition. Unified communications include a set of products that makes it possible to achieve consistent unified user interface through multiple devices and media types. The prominent points of differences between the public cloud [cloud hosting] and the private cloud including the functions available to customers, the cost, security and others — are not as important as the support they provide to the highly integrated unified communications services.

In case of the public cloud, the factors like resources, costs and dangers are shared between the users. The traditional cloud hosting platform is far less expensive and it offers more constrained and limited options. Whereas in case of the private cloud, it is a priced hosting platform that makes it possible for the users to customize their services to suite their needs; it is known to be a flexible hosting solution. These points of differences are important especially when it comes to the unified communications realm. Bringing together the factors like voice, video, email and other communication applications and adding an element of escalation and a dollop of presence requires a level of integration and customization that might be hard to achieve in the cloud.

The attractions of the public cloud are no less when it comes to unified communications. The small and medium sized businesses get direct access to the to far greater tools in the cloud in comparison to any other hosting platform. Therefore, the crucial decision of whether to use a public or private cloud for unified communications often rests on both; the size of the organization and the uniqueness of the nature of business. When the goal is achieving unified communications; this can be possible through both – public cloud and private cloud; the only difference is that the management will differ. Both the hosting platforms can be instrumental in terms of achieving the end goal, its just that they will get there in different ways. Most of the people are of the view that there is quite a duality between SMBs and enterprises in terns of which will be more inclined towards private and public clouds.


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