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Advantages of Peachtree Hosting Solution in the cloud

Advantages of Peachtree Hosting Solution in the cloud

Peachtree accounting application hosting in the cloud brings much benefit for the small and medium business in terms of application accessibility, application lifetime costs and IT environment reliability and security. Peachtree application hosting involves centralization of the accounting database by hosting on third party cloud service providers. What it entails is that the application is accessible from any online connection thereby eliminating the need for having a local network or enterprise level server for application access.

Desktop based and Hosted Peachtree Difference Explained

Many desktop based Peachtree application deployment limitations are eliminated through the hosting process. One common security setting and user preferences can be enabled thereby easing the application administration and user management process. Most important Peachtree hosting benefits lies in the time and money invested in setting up the IT infrastructure for supporting the application. Cloud hosting solutions provides a readymade IT solutions to the enterprise, which implies that the enterprise do not have to start from the scratch in setting up the local network consisting of servers, backup facilities and security tools which is both cost and technology intensive. Peachtree hosting in the cloud provides a readymade solution to Quickly enable a IT network and thereby reducing the time to the market considerably and hence meet the market competition.

Peachtree Hosting and IT Support

Besides cost saving there are other benefits of the Peachtree application hosting as well. Reduced local level dependence on IT support and troubleshooting personnel not only saves cost but also saves te small business in getting involved in unnecessary functions which in fact can be better managed by dedicated experts of the cloud hosting providers.

Security and Backup

Cloud computing services also provides remote data backup in multiple locations for data security. This means that the enterprise do not have to invest in setting local backup facilities. But the real benefits of automatic backup is that, the enterprise gets most experienced and dedicated IT experts to manage their data, which is entirely free as it is covered under the monthly Peachtree hosting subscription charges.

Access to Latest technology

Technology is and ever changing field and small business may really find it hard to invest in backend technology development processes. The cloud computing services provider on the other hand brings the latest technology for application hosting and management to the enterprise without any cost involved for the latter. This enables the smaller enterprise to compete with their larger counterparts better and efficiently.

Mark Hanry is the Cloud Computing expert at Cloud Vertex. His experience includes providing Cloud Computing solution, Hosted accounting solution such as QuickBooks Hosting solution, Peachtree Hosting services and Hosted CRM solutions


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