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An Overview of Domain Names

An Overview of Domain Names

In the virtual world, your domain name is your address – it is literally where you can be located by customers, competitors and other visitors online. Choosing the right domain name is therefore just as important as creating your website. Originally, computers used IP addresses to identify one another, however this created difficulties (since IP addresses are a series of numbers in hardly memorable combinations). Domain names were introduced as an easier way to identify particular websites. A domain name should speak volumes of the site it directs visitors to, i.e. visitors should be able to tell if the organization represented by the website is an educational, commercial or governmental body. Ideally, visitors should also be able to tell something about the name of an organization from its domain name. Here are a few considerations to make if you have chosen to buy a domain name.

On the journey to buying a domain name, the first essential thing to do is to create a good domain name. According to the experts, the perfect domain name should be short and memorable; it must be able to capture the name and theme of the website. You can choose to use a word, a phrase or the abbreviation of the name of your business to form your domain name. Many new website owners complain about their domain name ideas having been used by others. This should be expected, there are billions of people using the internet across the globe and a reasonably high percentage of these people communicate in similar languages. It is beneficial to create numerous domain name ideas, just in case your original options have already been used by someone else.

The most popular way to buy a domain name today is through an ICANN accredited registrar. There are many of such registrars online; the main advantage of using the services of these registrars is that they simplify the process. Website owners would be requested to pay a fee (to register the name for a year, the same amount will have to be paid the following year to keep the domain name active).

If your website is created for a specific country, it is advisable to get a country coded domain name. These are simply top level domain extensions used for certain countries, such as .US, .IN, .ASIA, .BE, .CO.UK, etc. While in some countries,  anyone may be legally permitted to register a country code domain name, in others you must be a recognized registrant of the country to do so.

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