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Basics of Domain Name Registration

Basics of Domain Name Registration

If you are not new to web world, then you would have come across the term Domain name quite a few times. But if you are not sure what exactly a domain name is, then let me go ahead and tell you in brief about what are domain names and why do you need them? A domain name can be termed as a unique name that acts as an identity of an individual or a business on Internet. These usually come with a CCLD attached to it, for example or

Businesses require several services that enable them to maintain successful operations. Among those various services, having an identity on web is considered to be of great importance. Putting up a website is the first and foremost requirement for an entrepreneur who is seeking to start a business. Domain Registration is one of the most vital and crucial aspects of creating a website. The main reason why it is considered essential to register a domain name is that, a registered domain is officially recognized online as the only website with that precise name.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or more popularly called as ICANN is the main organization that manages Domain Name Registration worldwide. The agency not only registers the names of the websites in its database, it also assigns new names to websites and ensures that all domain names are exclusive. The agency is in charge for keeping the record of names registered within the top-level domains it manages.

It is usually suggested that a domain name should not be very lengthy, as it is difficult for customers to memorize them easily. After selecting a domain name, the next step is to check its availability. Several domain registrars offer this service on their web sites. A user just needs to enter his/her chosen name on the registrar’s website and check its availability. The search tells the user whether the particular name has been taken or not. Domain availability largely depends upon the uniqueness of the name. Domain Registration is done for a minimum period of one year and a maximum for 10 years. The user can also go ahead and renew the registration after 10 years. Once a domain name gets registered, it prohibits its use any other party.  A domain name becomes a fixed address for a user and allows him/her and others to access all the information from possibly anywhere.

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