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Benefits Linux Web Hosting

Benefits Linux Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, the two popular names that compete with each other are Windows and Linux. Windows hosting and Linux hosting have their own benefits, and it is you who have to make sure which one of them will you choose to host your website. But, why is then Linux website hosting is counting high on charts? Surely, there might be some extra benefits which Windows web hosting is not able to provide to the users. Let’s know about Linux hosting and its natural advantage over Windows hosting plans.


Benefit#1 – Unlike windows, Linux offers Open Source Platform, and due to which it requires no licensing fee and any other surcharges. It is easy to download the Linux platform on to their server and moreover, the website owner can also add his customized codes for enhancing the software functionalities and capabilities.


Benefit#2 – Linux website hosting is cheap as compared to Windows hosting and here again the reason is that Linux works on open source platform. There are no hosting surcharges and moreover, there’s no cost for downloading it on your server.

Benefit#3 – The biggest benefit of Linux web host is that the user has got the ease and comfort to convert Linux based website into Windows based website. What’s more, the Linux users can also easily upload their files directly to their Windows website without undertaking any changes.  This will help user all the more when he is willing to go for more number of websites.

Benefit#4 – Linux web host offers database compatibility without going for any additional plug ins. Users can make their choices from number of databases systems such as SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These database systems are secured and powerful and with Linux out there, it becomes convenient to enough to communicate between website and the databases.


Benefit#5 – Linux web host is considered more stable and secured than its peer, which is Windows.Linux is popular as Open Source Platform, which is why it seems to be more economical, stable, secured than other website hosting platforms available out there in the hosting market. It is also important to find that Linux is more preferred choice for the web developers simply for the reason that it has Open Source Platform and they can use the capabilities of platform to their comfort levels.


Which way you want to go, Linux or Windows???

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