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Benefits of Hosting Applications: the Facts

Benefits of Hosting Applications: the Facts

Access to anything, anytime and anywhere is the norm nowadays. Every person who uses the internet wants to be connected round the clock. That is why we are shifting to the cloud computing scene. More and more organizations are adopting cloud-based infrastructure for its numerous benefits. Every company small-scale to large corporations are going the hosted applications route to meet their IT needs.

What is Application Hosting?

Hosted applications, also referred to as net-based applications are the software applications that are run via the internet. Instead of installing a program on your PC, you can access it via the internet. Most commonly used web-applications run inside the browser itself. The applications are “hosted” by a service provider on a remotely-situated server.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

1. Cost is less: The cost of using a hosted application is quite less as compared to running the application on your own server. For the latter, the cost would comprise of buying and setting up the server, licensing the software and recruiting IT personnel to take care of the same. In the hosted applications case, all these expenses are done by the service provider, which hosts the application to its customers for a small monthly fee.

2. Set-up is quick and simple: Since there is no set up required for an in-house server, shifting to hosted solution is very quick and easy. You just have to find a suitable service provider, for e.g. for an email hosting app, check out their terms and pay the fees online and get started.

3. Management and maintenance is a breeze: a

4. Better IT administration: your IT staff is freed from the responsibility of mundane tasks of troubleshooting server and 3rd party software related problems. They can focus on improving the performance, training and guiding other employees on the usage of new software releases.

What are the factors to be taken care of while hosting applications?

The credibility of cloud computing depends on its security. The hosting provider should protect your valuable information from attackers. Also it’s up to the client too to prevent security leaks by briefing its employees on following the security checks.

The responsibility for preventing cloud security attacks is to both the cloud provider’s and the client organization. The provider should secure its installations and the employees should strictly follow the security measures to safeguard the data from any privacy breaches.

Cloud providers should secure the remote server by firewalls and antivirus. While the client enterprise has to follow practices like implementing access check, encryption of data, and keep logs of hosted application’s usage.

Cloud hosting is here to stay. It is more advantageous for small to medium-sized companies, to save them from the hassle as well as the expenses. Not to mention it’s an eco-friendly alternative too.

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