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Best Host And Hosting Type For Joomla Website

Best Host And Hosting Type For Joomla Website

You will find a plentiful of options available when it comes to choosing a web host and a hosting type for Joomla website. These are explained below.

Shared Hosting – This is the most commonly and widely used forms of hosting type, wherein your website shall feature in a single server with a variety of other websites. The prices tend to be low whilst all the hosting plans under shared hosting are quite affordable and the services are also very good. For nave users into online business, shared hosting is the best solution. However, at times shared servers may get slower due to heavy traffic on your website but which can be tackled by having a good bandwidth. If you are starting a new website or a web based product then this hosting package would be most preferred to you because it costs the lowest.

Dedicated Hosting – This type of hosting plan is the most popular option amongst the web masters, readily available at the cost of $ 250 per month. If you wish to load more of graphics and text in your Joomla website coupled with good security features with no budget constraint, you can opt for a Dedicated Hosting. Based on your project requirements you can select the hardware and then configure the server, following which it would be able to handle the maximum amount of traffic spike and space requirements.

Virtual Private Server – VPS hosting is a relatively expensive hosting plan in comparison to other hosting plans for Joomla website. It uses server virtualization software and thus facilitates the usage of multiple servers, virtual by nature, in place of a single server. Besides, you also have the option to change the operating system along with the web server. Though if you are planning to upgrade from the shared packages then this is the next best option because it offers you with a fixed amount of resources and these are allocated to your website only.

Business Web Hosting – This is a pretty expensive hosting plan but for an excellent server speed and customer support service, it is worth an investment. What’s more? You do not have to face any downtime issues and can avail a number of options to enrich your Joomla website.

Cloud Hosting – This hosting type stands an excellent option for those who need very good uptime on their websites and cannot wait for downtimes. Cloud hosting plan is though expensive and is mostly used by large corporations.

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