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Best Reseller Hosting Provider Of 2010

Best Reseller Hosting Provider Of 2010

The Best Reseller Hosting Provider of 2010 Award went to JustHost. JustHost has been recognized by the hosting industry for providing the best in web hosting company opportunities. According to the reviews of all reseller hosting provider contenders, if you’re wanting to set-up a hosting company and make money, JustHost are the folks you want to do that with.

Like many reseller hosting providers, JustHost provides unlimited hosted domains and site building accessories. But one significant point that is made in the reviews is that JustHost also offers flexible storage space and bandwidth transfer packages in four different reseller plans that are inexpensive and affordable to most anyone. This kind of flexibility allows a new hosting company to start with the basics, and as the company grows as a hoster, it can easily upgrade to keep up with that growth. The interface they provide, along with the plan flexibility, is what any reseller customer would want to have. This isnt the only company doing this, but still considering many other factors, this one is an addition to all the others.

JustHost also has an excellent view about their customer service. Not only do they have technicians available to their customer every day of the year, but they also provide them with an automated billing system. Billing can become difficult to keep track of as a hosting company gains more customers, especially for new hosters. To help their customers, with billing logistics, JustHost provides automated billing as a part of each plan. JustHost also provides an excellent library system for the convienence of their customers. Unlike the other web hosting companies which offer the shared and reseller hosting accounts, this company keenly checks every customer account and the websites that are being hosted on their servers. One of the factors where value of the host is checked, is the quality of the websites hosted. Having illegal and bad websites in the server affects the hosting services by many folds.

However, one of the most significant facts about JustHost, compared to many other host resellers, is that JustHost has the seal of approval from the Better Business Bureaus On-line Division. This seal is an accreditation of the reliability of JustHost from the BBB and is verification of JustHost’s business standards as a reseller hosting provider. For all these reasons JustHost is the Best Reseller Hosting Provider of 2010. Reseller hosting is provided by many other good web hosting companies, but Justhost was step ahead of the others with the multiple factors lying behind it.

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