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Best Web Hosting: Cpanel Web Hosting Provider

Best Web Hosting: Cpanel Web Hosting Provider

Are you wondering to choose the best web hosting service? There are numerous types of web hosting servers prevailing in the market. Choosing the best one amongst all of them requires proper technical knowledge. However, cpanel web hosting is the ever best and effective hosting service which is quite popular amidst resellers, web administrators and end users. In the cpanel hosting the entire process of uploading and downloading contents extremely occurs without any time lag. Additionally, this web hosting offers web masters to have full control over the website logically and precisely.

If you have chosen the cpanel hosting service as the best web hosting, there are two vital ways to create website using this service. The first method is uploading website files and pages that you have created earlier using other program. Another way is to install a program to create a website instantly. In order to create a website using cpanel web hosting services, follow few systematical steps.

1. Uploading Files:

>> Initially, create your website files with HTML program or Notepad. Save them on your computer correctly.

>> Login to Cpanel and use the provided information by your hosting service provider.

>> Access main directory and tap on the icon mentioning File Manager, then select the Document Root folder for the domain. Finally, click on the public_html.

>> Upload your particular website. Here you will see split screen incorporated with computers drive in one section and Cpanel section on the other.
Now, transfer your HTML files from your computer to Cpanel by clicking on transfer arrow. This way you have created website using your best web hosting service.

2. Install Website Software:

>> Primarily, instigate with login to your Cpanel account and scroll down to the Software and Services option and tap on the Fantastico Deluxe.

>> Determine which software you want to use for creating your website. Fantastico offers numerous choices in categorically way such as blogs or Content Management System. Once you click in the selected software, you will be enabled to see their features. Choose the best option depending on your requirements and needs.

>> Click on the New Installation.

>> Follow the onscreen instruction promptly. Usually, you have to enter your website name, password and email address.

>> Wait until the installation completes. You will get a confirmation email when the process gets finished.

>> Now, you can use the installed software to create new websites using your best web hosting service, Cpanel service.

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