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Bluehost coupons help Bluehost achieve rapid growth

Bluehost coupons help Bluehost achieve rapid growth

Bluehost is a web hosting company based in Utah, USA. It was established in 1996 and has since grown into one of the more popular web hosting service providers available in the market. Its popularity stems from its service offering as well as from its Bluehost coupons.

The services that it offers include regular and shared web hosting plans. The regular web hosting plans come in several varieties each with different disk space allocations, bandwidth allocations, while all come with unlimited accounts and a free domain. They also all have unlimited domains and subdomains, MySQL databases, email addresses, as well as private nameservers among others. The regular web hosting plans start from $ 6.95 per month, but if one is in possession of a Bluehost coupon, one need only pay $ 3.95 per month. When ordering, one can define the period they want to buy the service for, whether three months, six months, a year, two years or three years. The discount applies for that whole period, meaning that for a period of a year, at that discounted price, one would make a saving of $ 36. For a period of three years, on the other hand, one would make a very large saving of $ 108. This is all geared at ensuring the company attracts and retains more and more customers.

The shared web hosting plans offered by the company mean that clients’ websites are hosted on computers that a shared with other users. The shared hosting plans come into varieties, the basic and the Pro plans. The features of the basic plan include unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, a domain name for one year of a, unlimited bandwidth transfer, unlimited subdomains, among others. This basic plan also costs $ 6.95 per month like the regular hosting plan, and if one possesses a Bluehost coupon, they can get a discount and only have to pay $ 3.95 per month.

Other than the basic shared hosting plan, there is the Pro shared hosting plan which has the same features as the basic plan as well as more resources in terms of CPU and memory, free IP address, free SSL certificate and more. This plan usually costs $ 24.95 per month, but with a Bluehost coupon it would only cost $ 19.95.

It is thus plain to see the extent to which the coupons help customers make great savings. This has in turn helped to popularise the company, which currently boasts of 20,000 new customer sign ups every month. The model that Bluehost has adopted is very budget-friendly on the whole and helps many people, whether they be personal site owners such as bloggers, business owners or resellers to create websites and have them hosted at a fraction of the price they could be able to get with other players in the industry. The quality of their services has also helped in retaining many of these first-time customers.

The net result is a company that is enjoying rapid growth, and website developers and managers that are enjoying some of the best services in the market at the best prices.


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