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Build A Website From Scratch

Build A Website From Scratch

 Before we can build a website from scratch we need at least five things.

1) Domain name:
2) Hosting account:
3) Html editor:
4) Ftp client:
5) Image resizing software:

1) You will need to get a domain name in order to do this you have to go to a domain name registra and the one most commonly used is go but its entirely up to the individual what they use.

2) Next you will have to have a hosting account the most popular would be

Now once you have signed up to hostgator they will send you an email so i would suggest you keep that safe as you will be needing that later on.

There is however one thing i would like to point out if you registered at go but didnt use their hosting services you would have to direct the registra to your hosting company because they dont know where to find them.

So now all you would do is go that email that was sent to you from your hosting company and look for Dns which means domain name servers.

Then copy and paste that information into your go account under manage domains etc.

3) Third most important thing is to get an html editor this is software that you use to build a website from scratch and the one i personally use is Komposer and the best “part is its totally free”.

There are many others out there that you can use but again its entirely up to the individual.

4) Next up you will need whats called an FTP client ( ftp stands for file transfer protocol) which basically means for your files on your computer to be transferred or uploaded to to your hosting company you will need to download some software called Filezilla.

Now once you have this installed on your computer and you have files to upload normally you would upload to hosts’s public-html directory but check in your email that they sent you it will give you that information.

5) Imaging resizing software:
Now you need to download this software and the one i reccomend is Irfanview and what it does is exactly what it says if,

you had an image you just downloaded and the file size was too big to fit into your webpage you would resize it rather than try to click and drag image because it makes it distorted and,again the best part its totally Free.”””

I would say about up to 1Kb is fine for images.

Also another piece of software i use is a pdf converter lets say you wanted to create an ebook and you used Microsoft word you then need to convert it to a pdf format so the free one i use is Primo Pdf.
Then you can give this ebook as a free gift and build your list.

Andrew Blackmore lives in united kingdom in a town called Bedworth and Is a part time internet marketer looking to go full time.

Andy began online in september 2010 with the help of chris farrell,chris’s products helped him start his own web business. For your step by step guide on How to build your website from scratch.

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My name is Andrew Blackmore im 45 yrs old married but separated i live in the united kingdom in a small town called bedworth. Im an hgv driver class 2

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