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Characteristics of Cloud-Based Video Delivery and Hosting

Characteristics of Cloud-Based Video Delivery and Hosting

In the books of Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, the characters were able to use the Duat, which is basically another dimension, as some sort of storage space. If one of the characters wanted to store their sword, for example, all they had to do was concentrate on creating a storage space in the Duat, stick their hand in, and let go. The sword will be sent to the other dimension, and the character can retrieve it anytime.

This is basically the same as the idea behind cloud-based video hosting. The Cloud refers to the Internet, in its broadest sense, but it can also refer to the online servers that commercial hosting companies have set up. This means that if you want your videos to show up on your website, you need to save these in an online server to make it part of The Cloud. After that, you can embed it on your website so your customers can see it.

Stable Infrastructure

The Internet is basically a growing organism as large and as mysterious as the Universe. No one knows where it ends, because everyone knows that it is steadily growing. However, The Cloud itself is regulated by a secure physical infrastructure which makes it stable without limiting its growth. This makes for a healthy balance between stability and flexibility.

Dedicated Approach

The Cloud is not just one big, nebulous idea. It is divided into several niches that are dedicated to the purpose that they are supposed to serve. For example, if you need a cloud-based video hosting service, that’s all you’re going to access. This makes everything more streamlined, with faster response times and a more service-centered approach.


With most video-hosting companies, you pay for a specific plan that you might not be able to maximize. However, with Cloud video hosting, you only pay for what you use. This makes Cloud-based video hosting services much more cost-effective than other approaches. And because the Cloud is online, you can use online analytics software with it, which means you can track stuff like who’s viewing your videos, how many watched it, and how many finished it.


As mentioned above, Cloud based video delivery is stable but flexible. This means you can scale your services up or down without there being any negative effects on the service. You, or your service provider, can tweak the bandwidth, the speed, the size of the videos, or the license numbers any time you like.

Cloud based video delivery is as close as you can get from being able to send stuff to other dimensions. Only this approach will help your business in more ways than one. For more information, you can visit

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