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Cherry Picker Uk | Get Quotes To Buy And Hire Cherry Pickers From Uk Suppliers

Cherry Picker Uk | Get Quotes To Buy And Hire Cherry Pickers From Uk Suppliers

Cherry Picker Index has helped thousands of businesses and individuals find the right cherry picker suppliers.We’re based in London and have a huge database of suppliers nationwide, providing a variety of services covering the full spectrum of Cherry Picker industry.
If you need more details, or if you would like to register your business to receive qualified leads related to Cherry Picker industry.
Cherry Picker Index helps buyers choose the most professional and trusted suppliers that match their requirements. Our consultants advise potential buyers on their options after receiving information about the project they would like to have worked on. For suppliers we offer a trusted lead qualification system that eliminates any non-serious buyers. Our filtration process means that you ONLY receive high quality leads. Please click here to get more details about our service and to ask any questions you have.
A cherry picker (also known as a boom lift, man lift, basket crane or hydraladder), is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system.
It is often mounted on the back of a large vehicle such as a truck (in which case it may also be called a bucket truck),it can also be mounted on a flat back pick up van known as a Self Drive), or sometimes on a stand-alone trailer or self-moving platform. The bucket is designed for a person to stand in and work from. Often a duplicate set of controls that are used to manipulate the position of the bucket will be available to the person in the bucket, allowing the operator to position himself. The lifting arms of some cherry pickers are capable of telescoping to adjust the reach of the device, usually with automatic safety controls to prevent tipping over. Articulated boom lifts are more appropriate than stick booms when operating in tight spaces or when clearing nearby obstacles is necessary.
Cherry pickers were originally designed for use in orchards (though not just cherry orchards) where they are still heavily used. It lets the picker pick fruit high in a tree with relative ease. Similar devices, also known as ‘cherry pickers’, are used to service telephone, cable television and electrical equipment on utility poles. Christmas light displays and banners can also be affixed with the use of a Cherry picker. An advantage of bucket trucks in this application is that the rubber tires can insulate the truck and operator from the ground, so if the bucket or operator touches a high voltage wire there is no path to ground for current, possibly preventing dangerous electrical shock.

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