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Choosing A Website Hosting Service

Choosing A Website Hosting Service

Website hosting is a web hosting service allowing individuals and organisations to making their own website accessible to the world web, by using space on a server either owned or leased by them, for the clients use. With internet connectivity as a data centre, they are also able to provide data centre space for servers that they do not own, and this called, collocation.

– The scope of a web hosting service offers various activities from basic web pages to that of file hosting. The files uploaded via (FTP) File Transfer Protocol or by a web interface, without much processing. Personal website hosting is either advertisement sponsored, inexpensive or else free.

– Personal web pages are usually only needing a single page web hosting. Sites that are more complex need a more comprehensive package in order to provide database support and application platform facilities, to allow the clients writing or installing other applications for content management or e-commerce.

Website hosting may also provide the client with a control panel for managing the web server as well as other modules or service applications, like email. Some of the website hosts specialise in the use of certain software or other specialised services, which are in use by the bigger companies for outsourcing network infrastructure to a hosting company.

Free Web hosting

– The offering of free web hosting by companies with limited services, sometimes supported by adverts but often very limited in comparison to paid website hosting.

Shared Web hosting

– When using a shared web hosting service, your website is then on the same server site as many others, these ranging from only a few, to hundreds or even thousands. There are however, numerous features available with this type of service.

Dedicated Website Hosting Service

– By using a dedicated hosting service, the user has a web server for his own use and gains the full control over it. Usually, however the user does not have ownership of the server.

– An alternative type of dedicated hosting is the self-managed one, this being the least costly of dedicated plans. With this plan, the clients have the responsibility for the security and maintenance of their own dedicated server.

Managed Web hosting Service

Here, the client has his own web server, but, without full control over it. They can manage their data via FTP or remote management tools. In order for the provider to guarantee quality of service, the user is not allowed to modify or potentially create configuration problems for the server, furthermore, the user does not own the server, and it is only on lease to the client.

Colocation Website Hosting

This is the most expensive method of website hosting, as there is little or no support given for the client’s machine, only electrical, internet access and storage space provided for the server. Usually the client would provide his own administration for doing any hardware upgrades or other necessary changes.

So, when choosing a website hosting service, make certain that your choice is of one that is extremely professional and very experienced in the field of web hosting. is one of the country’s leading web hosting service providers.

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