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Cloud Computing: Internet Dependency, Performance & Latency Issue

Cloud Computing: Internet Dependency, Performance & Latency Issue

Predicament questions about cloud computing arises like “What will going to happen if the internet connection will suddenly shut down?”Some cloud users are worried about the internet reliance type it. Deciding to change to cloud application from the conventional hosting is a trouble to some organization

Internet is one of the most excellent breakthroughs when it comes to Information technology system. Because of this discovery, we can do many applications and services over the World Wide Web using an internet device like computer and the internet access itself. Internet has also the biggest role when it comes to it. A concern on internet dependency, performance and latency arose in many arguments about its efficiency.


It is alarming for many organizations that cloud computing depend on the accessibility, quality and performance of internet access connection that any cloud users utilizes. Because of this arising dilemma questions like”What happens if we lose our internet connection? “Or “How long can we run our business?” began to exist. Many are anxious about the dependency status of computing to an internet connection. Shifting to cloud service and application from the traditional computing is a burden to some organization. They are hurdle with many fears and hesitancy about making any changes with their in-house application. Generally, the majority of existing enterprise application is not had been designed in the basis of cloud computing. Organizations in view of spending investment in it will surely have to reason out for the costs in improving the network infrastructure necessary to run a cloud services. Connectivity in the cloud system is a great issue to many people. Some speculation concludes that NO available internet connection also means ANY cloud services. But come to think of it, internet linkage is one of the strongest and reliable discoveries when we see the whole picture of IT system. Approximately all parts of the world have their existing internet connection and it would be a little impossible if all internet access all over the world will shut down at the same time.

As a conclusion, Internet dependency, performance and Latency issue of it didn’t overlook or over shadow the greater and better benefits to its users.  It doesn’t even effect to the potential cloud users that will soon increase after a few months or years from now.

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