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Cloud Hosting ? Have Access to Multiple Servers

Cloud Hosting ? Have Access to Multiple Servers


If you are browsing the Internet or using a search engine then you are a part of the latest buzz in the IT marketplace – cloud hosting. Cloud hosting, also called enterprise hosting or cluster hosting, is creating new opportunities for suppliers and bringing changes to the traditional IT field. A cloud hosting services is defined as a network of servers located in different parts of the world offering any service. According to an estimate by IDC, global spending on cloud hosting services will grow threefold by 2012 and reach the $ 42 billion mark. Cloud computing in India is still in its very early stages and enterprises are yet to fully comprehend the actual benefits of private clouds, public clouds or even IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

With multiple servers giving you access to unlimited processing power, cloud hosting banishes the limitations of the single server that was available with traditional hosting services. If you want to enjoy improved performance, better security and ease of use at lower costs, you can switch from traditional hosting services to cloud hosting services. Not only does it maximizes an organization’s resources but also reduces power consumption and overhead costs with low hardware inventory. You can also play your part for a greener planet by subscribing to a service rather than having a number of in-house hardware resources which are mostly underutilized.

Cloud hosting enables you to maintain availability of applications without spending a huge amount on hardware and software. The resources of the company can be scaled up or down as per the business’ requirement without any hardware management issues. With its pay-per-use plan, cloud hosting services can prove quite effective as you pay for only the services that you utilize. One additional benefit that comes with all the above stated benefits is that it is relatively easy to migrate from traditional services to cloud hosting services.

Some of the features to review before selecting the cloud computing providers that will suit your requirements are:

Data security: Security of data is very important. Hence it is vital to check that the provider has a comprehensive security system to protect against security breach and physical danger. Many times attackers gain an upper hand with simple security flaws in the physical configuration of the cloud and IT assets.

Cost: The provider which provides high processing power at prime time at low costs can give the best value for your money. Also check if the provider has a flexible pay plan and charges only for the services that you have used.

Support services: A good support and backup is essential to get the maximum benefit out of cloud hosting services. Compare the services offered by various providers to ensure that dedicated technical support is available as and when required.

With optimized cloud infrastructure services you need to pay for only the services that you utilize ensuring maximum savings and also ensuring that you no longer have to worry about the catastrophe of a server breakdown.


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