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Common Idea about Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Common Idea about Microsoft FrontPage 2003

In this world of internet marketing, owning a website has become the common idea of every individual. Having an attractive website with perfect optimization may help you to yield great profits. But creating the websites on your own either for the commercial or personal venture becomes quite risky these days. But the availability of incredible tools relating to web designing always embarks everyone to give a try. Of these tools the front Page2003 is the one, which is widely put in to use by every lame user for making their website. The Microsoft FrontPage 2003 tool offers the incredible option of designing your website with great comfort and ease. Alike Dreamweaver, the Microsoft FrontPage 2003, break the page into two halves one depicting the html coding of the website and the other will depict the website as the whole. This feature of web designing allows you to view the making of the website at each and every step. The layers of the FrontPage 2003 provide the specific effects such as drop drown menu. Another intriguing feature of FrontPage 2003 is that it contains dynamic web templates (DWT) which allows you to choose one single template for the various pages of the websites. It has various interactive links allowing users to comfortably navigate the links for image editing as and when required. Next comes is the accessibility checker which makes the user to easily access the website with html coding.

However, when you plan to make a website the first thing you need to take is the domain name for the website. Basically the domain name is the internet address of your website, which is to be used by the users in relevancy to their search online. If you want to make the business site, then you need to make it with the name suffixed as (.com). But in case you are making for non-profit purpose or personal use you may make it with (.org) if for the education field or government field, then it should be made with (.edu) or (.gov)., You may also register the website domain name as (.net) (.us) and (.info). Like many other web tools, frontpage2003 too has some pros and cons like it is usually made on the superior quality of Microsoft Office Suite and resembles the same as Microsoft Word and various office web tools. It has a great user-friendly menu that can be operated even by the layman without much hindrance. Another intriguing aspect of Frontpage2003 that it has multiple uses like the word processor. It offers the chance of inserting tables, images and formatted text in the same as other web tools. The Microsoft FrontPage 2003 acts as a great tool by way of word processor and web editor to make the impressive website by the amateur user.

Besides this Microsoft FrontPage 2003 has various cons also like its user-friendly menu tool generated several unwanted codes that becomes difficult to understand and manage. Basically the Microsoft FrontPage 2003 is designed for the Internet explorer and thus is not liable to use according to the World Wide Web standards. It is perfect to use for the internet explorer, but not for various other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, etc. The other disadvantage of FrontPage 2003 is that you must have the web server compatible to the FrontPage extensions attributes for its perfect workability.

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