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Communicate-on-the-cloud for Inexpensive, High Quality Audio Collaboration

Communicate-on-the-cloud for Inexpensive, High Quality Audio Collaboration

Hosted audio conferencing solutions are an excellent option for businesses looking at using PSTN as well as VoIP calling technologies on the same platform. This cloud based audio collaboration solution has given rise to a new low cost, feature rich remote calling medium that simplifies conference calling at higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Arkadin Australia has successfully created a platform where VoIP and PSTN calls can be merged effortlessly. It empowers users to add the number of phones on the IP network as per their requirements or opt for a single of country access numbers to make PSTN based calls. This provides companies the flexibility of using their private IP network for hosting conference calls with remote associates. Users opting for this cloud communication solution do not have to bear any upfront investments and can scale their solution to suit their requirements. Since it is scalable in nature, phones can be added added or removed from the network without any compromise in sound quality.

Cloud based audio bridge conferencing calls, whether local or international, are routed over a single bridge. This ensures that the sound quality throughout the duration of the call is flawless and there is no degradation at any point. The salient feature of cloud based audio collaboration is no compression of audio, acoustic echo and latency, which are considered to be the three main factors that can ruin a remote conference calling experience. The advanced conferencing solutions present today have the latest codecs that can improve the compression and decompression rate of the video and thus facilitate High Definition video conferencing. In order to improve the reliability of the network, all software and hardware are backed up and the network itself is replicated.

On the subject of billing, Arkadin Australia charges clients for international and other long distance calls at local country access rates, which can prove to be an excellent long term cost cutting measure for companies that bear high telecommunication rates. Moreover, SIP trunking can be deployed in order to merge a client’s private IP network into Arkadin’s Platform to make cost effective, crystal clear long distance calls. It ensures that security of voice data on the IP network is maintained by using Avaya infrastructure and equipment and technologies from Tier-1 companies, such as Radysis. Therefore, all clients can enjoy the potential of PSTN and VoIP calls on the same network, SIP trunking integration and network scalability by using cloud based audio conferencing solutions.

Yank Dines is an experienced writer having more than 10 years of experience in writing articles on various topics such as  Cloud based collaboration, Unified communication solutions , and Conferencing calls etc.

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