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Cultivating And Creating A Daddy Daughter Relationship

Cultivating And Creating A Daddy Daughter Relationship

It can be hard for fathers to understand how to cultivate a relationship with their young daughter. Although you may not have similar interests and it may even be scary for you to spend time with her, you want to make sure you cultivate a strong father daughter bond.

As you are developing a relationship between father and daughter you have to make sure that you understand her. This can be difficult but should be a process rather than a one day check list that you decide to complete.

When you are working to get to know your daughter you may want to start by simply offering to do her hair in the morning. This may alleviate some stress from your wife and gives you time to spend with your little girl.

As you are doing her hair you will also be learning a new skill. Taking the time to really care about how your daughter looks and asking her how she wants her hair done for the day can give you an opportunity to understand her likes and dislikes.

As you understand what she likes and dislikes you may have more insight into her personality. While you are brushing out her hair and getting it ready for the day you want to make sure that you are patient with her.

Then, when you are at loss for a daddy daughter date you can even take her out shopping for hair accessories. There are many different clips, headbands and burettes that you can put in her hair every morning.

Let her choose out some hair accessories that she want to have in her hair. As you are choosing the accessories you should make sure that you take the time to get to know what she likes and dislikes in the stores.

Then, you may be able to surprise her with a hair accessory when she is having a hard time one morning. Sometimes, having their hair done can be difficult in the morning when they are tired and their hair is tangled.

As you get to know your daughter you will want to start spending more time with her. Making time for daddy daughter dates is important and will guarantee that you will be part of her life as she is growing up and forming her personality.

When you are going on consistent daddy daughter dates you want to make sure you are taking the time to talk about serious things. Ask her what bothers her at school and how she feels she is doing at school.

If she feels like you truly care you will be much more capable of getting her to talk to you about what is important and not important to her. The more that you understand about her the easier it will be to work with her in your everyday life.

If you are at a loss for activities to do with your daughter you should start thinking of ways to take her out but still hold a conversation. For this reason, going to just a movie will not help you cultivate your relationship much further.

Instead, you may want to start hiking with your daughter. While you are out hiking you will not only be instilling healthy lifestyle attributes but you will also be able to enjoy nature and talk throughout your hike.

Even reading to your daughter each night before she goes to bed is a great way to ensure that she is comfortable and open with you. Choose books that she likes and she will be excited about so that she has positive feelings about reading with you.

When your daughter is first learning to read she may want to help you read the book. Encourage her to point out the words that she knows and to read what she can of the book, even if this means it takes a long time.

Even taking your daughter out to lunch or dinner on a consistent basis will ensure that you have an open line of communication with her. The more that you are able to understand about your daughter the more you will be able to help her when she needs it.

Cultivating a relationship between your daughter and yourself can be difficult as a father but will be well worth it in the long run. Do not let the opportunity of a relationship pass you by when your daughter is still young.

Tom Selwick has worked with hair products for twelve years. He works especially with girls hair accessories.

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