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Defining Web Hosting

Defining Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to a service where space is allocated on their servers so that customers are able to place up their website that will be able to run on the Internet all day long, throughout the subscription period of the service. One can always extend their subscription with the service so that the website can keep running.

The role of servers is extremely important when it comes to web hosting as they are the reason why a person is able to establish a website in the first place. With servers, space is allocated on their extremely large hard drives to support your website’s content and activities. When one subscribes to a web hosting service, the space is basically rented out to the customer for their customer. In a way, you can picture this like renting out a unit of space in a building. And within buildings, there are unique addresses to identify which tenant resides in which space. Each unique address is known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Once you have “bought” that space, you can “decorate” it by adding contents to it. Your visitors will be able to reach to you through a unique address (website address), that is based on the server’s address.

Web hosting can come in various packages. Some allows their users to use interactive functions, set up bulletin boards, guest books, or even forms. There are also other packages suited for commercial purposes, such as including credit card processing. As there are different sorts of packages, the price can range from free to a few hundreds of dollars annually. Of course, the price also depends on your website needs. You can easily find top web hosting for free if your website has low viewership (traffic) and do not require any fancy tools. Website with tools like forms or credit card processing usually requires more space on the server, and so do high traffic; hence, a user will need to pay for that additional space.

If you wonder why web hosting services are willing to give out space for free, they really are not. With free web hosting, you will usually be required to run advertisements on your website, either as a banner or a pop-up. As some people prefer these advertisements removed, they can choose to follow a pay plan that will allow so. Free web hosts also allocates your unique address as an extension of their server’s address instead of your very own domain name – which needs to be paid for instead.

When you choose a web host, factors like reliability, functions and restrictions become important. Choosing top web hosting services allow you to experience a smooth hosting service.

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