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Domain Names in a Down Market

Domain Names in a Down Market

Over the years there have been a tremendous number of people buying and selling domain names. Someone considers a good name for a website, and then checks to see if that website is taken or not. If it isn’t they buy the domain and they hold onto it until someone else wants to buy it is willing to pay them a good chunk of change.

Holding such a name doesn’t cost much, it’s only about 10 bucks per year on Go Daddy dot com. Of course, if someone decides to sit on 1000 domain names and they’re paying $ 10 per year for each of them, that’s a lot of money per year to tie up all those domains.

During times of economic expansion many people are trying to start new businesses and are willing to pay for a great domain. They often sell in excess of $ 10,000 and that’s a pretty good return on investment considering the domain-name squatter had only paid $ 10 per year for the number of years that has held it.

Still, during a recessionary period no one is interested in buying and the person is spending a lot to hold them and has to continue to pay the $ 10 per year. If they fail to pay the domain, it then becomes available to anyone.

Squatters have to work twice as hard in a down market to sell these names, and often when a contact companies about buying them the companies are not interested either because they have no use for the another domain or because they are not expanding their businesses.

If you are interested in picking up a great domain, now would be a very good time to do it because many of these sellers are probably willing to unload them for a very fair price. Or if you get lucky they may decide to let it go and you can pick it up for $ 10 per year. Please consider all this.

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