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ETF Trading ? Professional Traders Secrets

ETF Trading ? Professional Traders Secrets

In case you did not read my article yesterday my friend and former fund manager is hosting a free training webinar tomorrow September 8th, Wednesday night at 9pm EST.

Wednesday night he will be re-opening the doors to his one year mentor program. He will only be open until Monday night or for the next 75 new students.

The truth is they have already filled 10 of those spots with new students, some who have waited months to join. They now only have 65 available openings.

From experience I know they will go fast once he reopens for new students after the Wednesday night webinar.

Here is a short list of some of the concepts he will be teaching:

– Unique position sizing based on the combination of a percentage risk stop and technical stop. Plus and advanced tip to this concept that can instantly DOUBLE your returns regardless of what system or markets you trade.

– Two simple tricks that instantly remove 95% of your emotions in trading and investing. As all traders know the emotions of fear and greed are the number one killers of traders.

– How Hedge Funds hunt stops and a simple trick to avoid this happening to you most of the time. Yes Hedge Funds, brokers and other individuals (not “the market”) really do hunt stops.

– Why money managers only risk 1-2% per trade and still make great returns.

– Why trading is not a “zero sum game” and what this really means for the average trader.

– How to make consistent profits using the daily charts and trading only 10 minutes per night.

– How Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers and others became great traders and investors.

– What the “gurus” selling hype trading courses are hiding from you and an easy way to spot counterfeit “trading teacher” from a mile away.

As a former fund manager he has a unique perspective on the market and wants to share some tips with you.

– Plus he has a free gift, his own unique position sizing calculator, for everyone who attends.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. He will share a little of his story, but most of the time will be spent on the subjects above and more.

Don’t miss out on this one hour that could save you thousands of dollars over the school of hard knocks.

– Click here to register for this free one hour webinar Wednesday at 9pm EST.

==> Visit ETF Trend Trading Website

Register now. There are only have a few hundred seats available and they will fill up fast.

Click below to register for this Wednesday nights one hour event.

==> Visit ETF Trend Trading Website

He really will be will be taking his course off of the market this Monday night. He has a lot of new students now and I know many more will partake in his mentorship program.

He and his staff always support each and every new student 100%. Therefore, he will close once he fills the remaining 65 spots.

Click here to register for this free one hour webinar Wednesday at 9pm EST.

==> Visit ETF Trend Trading Website

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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