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Fatcow Web Hosting Reviews

Fatcow Web Hosting Reviews

A lot of people would like to find suitable web hosting providers for their own online businesses. Among all the good services providers, the FatCow is one of the best. This web host was established in 1998 and they have a lot of unique services provided to their clients. For example, FatCow would provide shared hosting services, domain registration, ecommerce services, etc. All these are common among providers nowadays but it was a breakthrough when FatCow provided these services about 10 years ago. They would have some packages such as the MiniMoo package which is very suitable for people who would like to set up a website in the coming future. Of course, there are some plans which enable the service buyers to enjoy an entire web hosting services. Despite the fact that the price charged by the company is low, the quality provided is very high.

The Plans provided by Fatcow has the following features:

In fact, FatCow would provide a lot of unique packages for customers. For some packages of web hosting, the price would be as low as $ 66 per year. There would not be any limits in bandwidth and disk space in this plan and there would also be some building tools of website and some databases using MySQL. It would provide reliable after-sale services and support and also there would be money-back guarantee for 30 days for all plans.

For the MiniMoo package, customers are usually those who do not want to have a whole web hosting service yet. In this plan, email forwarding and email account would be given. The plan is much cheaper, which is $ 5 per year. Applications such as InstallCentral provided by FatCow is user-friendly and buyers do not necessary be professional in web hosting.

The reliability of the FatCow is good, because:

It would provide solutions about web hosting to its customers all the time.

It would also have teams of experts to manage the databases all the time throughout every day. Every FatCow staff is trained to deal with emergencies so they are all experts who would deal with any problems.

Also, the price value of the FatCow servies is high:

The packages provided by FatCow could include a lot of disk space and bandwidth for just $ 99 each year. There would be a lot of good features such as FrontPage Extensions, ecommerce applications, PHP, etc. There is all-time customer support for the clients, so any possible problems could be overcome easily.

The customer support provided by FatCow is great. The skilled staff in the company would give online support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The buyers could also use toll free number to get help from the company.

To conclude:

The web hosting packages provided by FatCow is professional and there would be a lot of professional features in different plans provided by the company. Also, the customer services provided by FatCow are comprehensive and the staff is all nice and well-trained. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend just about $ 66 per year to employ the great services.

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