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Five Reasons You Too Will Love WordPress

Five Reasons You Too Will Love WordPress

After working on my blogs for several hours today I finally understand why WordPress is, in my opinion is the premier blogging program available today….and it’s COOL.

Now, that is really an understatement and the est of this article will explain why. So, here are just five (5) of the reasons I fell and continue to be in love with WordPress.

Reason #1: It’s FREE – I love open source, free stuff. Because it’s free and open source, (meaning that individuals can add to the code. WordPress, being open source, is constantly changing due to the help of a world of programmers rather than being the property of a group of self-anointed experts who develop based upon their own needs rather than upon the needs of the WordPress community. That by itself is a major statement and not to be minimized.

Reason #2: Do It Your Way – With WordPress you have a couple of choices as to how you will develop your blog. You can use the free (I love saying free) application at WordPress or if you have your own domain (the more suggested pathway) you can use a program like Fantistico usually found in your domain’s cpanel and upload WordPress to your own domain.This is the preferred way because it truly gives you almost unlimited control and you own the blog.

Reason #3 – No More Websites – WordPress provides you with a different way to create websites so that you don’t have to design them in the old fashioned way. WordPress blogs (and I guess blogs in general) are really just simple websites that can basically replace most of the reasons to create websites in any other way.

Reason #4 – Plug Me In – Now this is really where WordPress shines. Because of it being open source, WordPress provides the world community the ability to easily develop unique little programs that integrate easily with your WordPress blog. The number and variety of “plug-ins” is abundant. Just think of something you’d like to do with your blog and I’ll bet there is a plug-in somewhere that will accomplish the task…and did I mention that most of the plug-ins are FREE.

Reason #5: Change Your Appearance As Often As You Change Your Underwear – OK. If having lots of different blogs with different looks is something you want, there are hundreds of themes available for you to use. Most of these themes are FREE and they can be installed in a matter of seconds not minutes.

OK, I’ll give you one more reason for free….you can create as many WordPress blogs as you can imagine. There is no limit on the number or types of blogs you can create with WordPress. The only limitations is your own creativity and possibly your wants and needs.

Conclusion – In reality there are probably many other reasons beyond the five (OK six) reasons I present in this brief article. Now is the time for you to get going with creating your first blog with WordPress on your own domain and I’m positive you’ll start falling love as well.

Find out everything you need to know about WordPress at “WordPress Unleashed” , a library of thirteen (13) videos that will make you a WordPress expert and provide you with an opportunity to take WordPress and your online business to the next level.

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