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Forgot Your Password? Reset It!

Forgot Your Password? Reset It!

Setting passwords to your Windows account is a fool-proof way that is used by almost all the Windows users worldwide. A password informs the system that the information is not being accessed by unauthorized people. A password generally comprises a secret word or phrase known only to the user or to a restricted group of people. Today, most of the applications insist that a user sets a password so that his files and data are accessible to him/her alone. For example, web-based emails, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients, email clients, IM (Instant Messaging) clients, and many more. But if the user forgets his/her password, then he/she needs to recover Windows password using specialized methods, or by opting for password recovery software .

Enlisted below are a few methods that a user can apply to recover his/her passwords in such a critical situation:

Password Hints in Windows: It is a simple method that can be applied by a user to recover password in Windows. This hint is generally located next to the password prompt text box, and when clicked asks you the hint question that you specified when you had set the password.

Password Reset Disk in Windows: Microsoft understands that such a situation can occur, and that is why Windows today enables the user to create a password reset disk, which when inserted allows the user to access the system, and to reset the password.

Forgot password in emails and IM clients: Since forgetting password is something which is not a new problem, these applications too consider that a user may forget his or her password. So, in case you forget password for these applications, then you simple need to select ‘Forgot Password’, and a new screen pops up that allows the user to enter a secondary email ID and a security question. On answering the question correctly, the login details are sent to the secondary email ID provided by you.

However, in case the specified ways do not work, and you are stuck, then you have no option but to opt for third-party password recovery software. These tools are capable of resetting your password, in case you forget the same.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Password Recovery is an advanced yet comprehensive application that is used to recover windows passwords. It also recovers forgotten user names and passwords of applications accessed through various web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, MSN, Netscape Navigator, and more), FTP clients (Cute FTP, Smart FTP etc.), IM (Google Talk and Windows Live), and email clients (Microsoft Outlook Express and Incredimail). Capable of recovering serial numbers and activation keys for applications that have been previously installed, the tool is a must have for all password recovery needs.

Sam Patrik is an active blogger, article writer and technical expert who explores all the latest and hot topics. windows password recovery is one of the burning issues that people faces day by day and therefore this article has been written describing about the password recovery .

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