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Free Life Coaching on the Web? Yeah, No Thanks to Psychotherapists

Free Life Coaching on the Web? Yeah, No Thanks to Psychotherapists

Life coaching is becoming the profession of choice, says Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor. We are seeing more psychotherapists taking part in life coaching today then ever before. This is because life coaches can help clients set better goals and help them achieve success faster while making significant life changes through self-awareness. Psychotherapists are trained to guide clients through past experiences, emotions and behaviors with greater focus on feelings. This makes life coaching a logical professional choice for Psychotherapists, and clients are benefiting from this choice at both ends.

It takes a lot more than a degree in psychology or formal training to become a life coach. It will require a real understanding of the uniqueness of individuals and life challenges. The ability to quickly sift through the years of misconceptions and false beliefs to get right down to the root of the problem and begin making the life changes needed without the years of therapy. This is one reason why many are resorting to life coaching instead of traditional therapy, and why once therapist now life coach.

With so many life coaches and psychotherapists to choose from, how do you pick the leader of the pack who can best help you with what you need based on your particular life circumstances and not something out of a training manual?

Many life coaches and psychotherapists offer a free consultation. The consultation is designed to help you choose someone that you can relate to and that has the tools, skill set and experience, which will benefit your goals and ambitions.
Some provide free life coaching on the web. This is an excellent resource to learn if they have what you are searching for. Some of the characteristics you should look out for are: motivational, inspiring, knowledgeable, resourceful, command authority, great listeners and they should be able to answer most of your questions if they are the right for you.
And did they make you feel like they are in your corner who understand life’s challenges and who know how to motivate and keep you committed to the process?

Whether you choose a life coach or whether you choose a psychotherapist be sure you understand what their process is and if they are best equipped to help you. Ask for client testimonials if they are not already posted online. Google their name and learn more about their philosophies and methods. Learn what the online community is saying about your life coach.

Learn how you can be selected to participate in free life coaching on the web when you visit life coach & mentor Bruno LoGreco at

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