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Getting Around Dreamweaver

Getting Around Dreamweaver

In the last video we took a look at the different tools we might be using this time what we’re going to do is take a look at Dreamweaver cs5 because we’re going to be using it to create our website so I want to show just a little bit about the program and what’s going to happen here is as we build our website you will learn a lot of different features of the workspace or the program.
Once you open up adobe Dreamweaver cs5 you will a welcome screen in the center. The welcome screen actually gives you a lot of different ways to be able to create objects and contents pretty simply actually and on the left you will see an open recent items so you can open previous items you had open in the past.
Dreamweaver is similar to other adobe applications. We got our menus on top and shortcuts for every menu item. We can also see that we have an application bar at the very top. This is going to give you some extra added features that we will talk about as we go through all of these different videos. You will notice on top right corner that we have a search field where we have help, you can actually get help here by typing in a search phrase and cs live services these are services that mostly are free and you can go and we’ll talk about these a bit as we go through once again like I said. These are brand new in cs5 you will see the panels on the right hand side. These are really important to understand how these work. You’ll also see a panel at the bottom this is your property inspector thats what I want to call it from now on some people calls it the properties panel. You’re going to be using these panels quite a bit as you create content and you put pictures on the page and want to style texts and things like that the formatting options are going to be in all these panels up here. One of the panels you’re going to use a lot is called the files panel we’ll talk about that quite a bit as we go through these videos. You’ll also be using the css style panel quite a bit.
Well thats pretty much it you guys Dreamweaver cs5 in a nutshell just want to take you through all the different features and on the next videos we’re going to be talking about managing workspaces or working with workspaces. This is really important to understand because you need to be able to work with the panels and that’s we’re about to talk about.

Brian Wood is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Dreamweaver CS4, Acrobat 9 Pro, Illustrator CS4, and the author of five training books (Illustrator, InDesign), all published by Peachpit Press, as well as numerous training videos and DVDs on Dreamweamver & CSS, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, including Acrobat multimedia and forms, Expression Web and others. To view Dreamweaver video tutorials and indesign video tuto

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