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GoDaddy Managed Hosting Plans – Get Your Own Dedicated Server and Let the Experts Run It

GoDaddy Managed Hosting Plans – Get Your Own Dedicated Server and Let the Experts Run It

If you want your own dedicated server but don’t have the time (or knowledge) to run one, then check out GoDaddy managed hosting plans. This type of hosting is available with your choice of either Windows or CentOS operating system. The expert staff will set up the server and install the appropriate web applications you need for eCommerce, blogging, forum, etc.

Managed hosting is an option for companies with a strong online presence, but not enough knowledge or time to manage and maintain their own dedicated server. Even though it’s managed, you’ll still have some level of control. You get your own choice of operating system, network connectivity, routing equipment, and so forth.

There are a few different packages available, including Economy, Deluxe, Premium, Value Deal, Power Player, and Memory Hog.

All GoDaddy managed hosting plans include:

• 24/7 support
• Control panel installation
• Operating system installation
• Domain name setup
• DNS setup
• SSL Certificate Setup

You can also expect security services, including anti-virus scanning and protection. Managed plans include bandwidth overage protection. This means you won’t have to worry about paying a huge fee if you ever go over your monthly bandwidth limit.

So, what are monthly bandwidth limits? They range from 5 TB – 20 TB, depending on which package you choose. Power Player and Memory Hog both come with 15 TB a month, and Premium comes with 20 TB. The hosting is powered by Intel Core processors. With Economy, the processors are 2-cores, with the other packages, quad-core.

The Value Deal is a good choice if you’re not sure which of the plans you need. It’s approximately $ 40 more than the Economy Plan and offers a bit more, including 10 TB of bandwidth per month and quad-core processing power.

Since this is managed hosting, GoDaddy will take care of everything from the monitoring to emergencies. You will also have direct access to Advanced Support should the server ever experience problem. Configuration issues will be taken care of quickly.

GoDaddy managed hosting plans mare maintenance-free. These plans are ideal for those who prefer to run a business without having to worry about the technology behind it. Sure, they cost more than a typical dedicated hosting plan, but don’t require expertise or time.

Since you won’t have root or system-level access, you won’t be able to install any applications requiring root access. Just have the GoDaddy management team install such applications for you, should you need them installed.

Don’t worry about the cost. There are some GoDaddy managed hosting promotional codes you can use to knock a percentage off of your order. You’ll get some freebies too, such as Google AdWords and Fotolia credits.

Check out GoDaddy managed hosting discount codes and get started with your order. Even if you’re not ready to order, look over the offers to learn about the ways you can save. There are plenty of GoDaddy coupons available for any type of hosting.

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