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Host unlimited domains with Cheap Reseller Hosting and Windows Hosting Why Go?

Host unlimited domains with Cheap Reseller Hosting and Windows Hosting Why Go?

Cheap Reseller Hosting plans are designed for those who are resellers or those companies who need a high quality of their web sites. Reseller hosting package is the most preferred choice for resellers and offers you maximum flexibility to monitor their customers and resources alloted to hold multiple domains on one account. You can do this using the control panel with the hosting packages to choose from.

Reseller web hosting packages are designed in such a way that it gives you the freedom to upgrade your plan if you need it. All of your reseller hosting business profits are all yours. The main features of the reseller web hosting provider that they will always remain in the background of your end-users, which are important for 24 x 7 x 365 support, and the rest invisible. Customers feel that they only work with you and no one involved in this business.

Using a unique panel reseller, your customers can create their own web hosting packages and decide the cost, as you like. Most of the resources are unlimited except for disk space and bandwidth. You can put your multiple domains under one reseller hosting account. Quad Core Xeon processor with 4 GB of RAM adds significant value to increase your site’s performance. Natural disasters, hosting provider, there is always a mirror copy of your site’s data. There are two types of reseller packages:

Windows Reseller Hosting
Linux Reseller Hosting

Compatible with Microsoft applications – Windows is commercially owned by Microsoft, so its main power source is compatibility with Microsoft programs and software. As a result, it becomes easy for webmasters to quickly build Web sites and interactive too.

Less complicated – Windows hosting is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008, offers several features that help you better manage your web site. These systems are based on Microsoft NT, because they provide a reliable server management start to finish. This is what makes Windows hosting less complicated.

Tremendous power – Windows Hosting improved security features. It actually provides innovative applications that have their own web site and is suitable not only for beginners, but experienced users through the user interface. This user interface combines web development environment where.Net Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be deployed to create dynamic web pages and applications. Anyway, you get the power and functionality can not be compared.

Broad support for

Since the Linux Reseller WHM Reseller package proposed panel mange your hosting package. It offers support for MySQL, phpMyAdmin, a lot of server-side scripting and streaming support.

Cheap reseller hosting is the ideal solution for both businesses and individuals who want multiple domain hosting. Reseller web hosting offers you a 100% uptime of the network and are always ready to provide you with a stable and continuous customer service round the clock.



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