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How 2 Create a Free Website

How 2 Create a Free Website

Do you ever wonder how 2 to create a free website? Give up your search and get started quickly! Here you will be provided with some helpful tips on getting started!

Set Up Your Domain

The first thing you need to do is choose your domain name and get it set up. The average domain will cost you about ten dollars a year. When you consider how much you will be making that’s not much money.

Choose a Web Host

Choosing your web host in how 2 create a free website is an important step as this is who will actually connect your website to the World Wide Web. You can perform a Google search for hosting parties to find a site to host you. Once you choose your host they will send you an email that you must keep as you will need to publish some of the information on your website!

Create a Simple Web Page

IF this is your first time looking at how 2 creating a free website the most important thing to remember is to get something on the web. You can do this by keeping your first page very simple. The easiest way to do this is to use a web editor that will create the page for you! You can even download a free version on a web editor that will still meet your needs. One free web editor is called Kompozer and it is very easy to use. It will even help guide you through the process.

Save Your Files Correctly

The next important part of this process is to be sure that you are saving your files correctly. The first thing you need to know about saving the information about your website is that all information MUST be saved to the same location! In order to ensure that you are doing this you may want to just so ahead and create a new file to save everything to.

Publish Your Website

Publishing your web page with Kompozer is simple. All you have to do is hit the publish button and it will ask you for some basic information. Once you have input the information you are ready to have the web page published via the World Wide Web! Once you have input all the information correctly you are now ready to hit the final publish button!

Go to Your Web Pages

Now that you have published your web pages you will want to visit them to ensure that they are displaying over the Internet the way that you want them to. Here is also your chance to see what everyone else is seeing!

Now what are you waiting for? You now have some of the basic information on how to create your own website and are ready to get started! Have fun and enjoy your new creation!

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