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How Much You Can Earn From Google AdSense Per Month?

How Much You Can Earn From Google AdSense Per Month?

You might have come across a number of dodgy websites that gallantly state one possible AdSense earnings or another. You might have noticed them, quoting values in the thousands per month with ease. They also tend to strengthen the idea that it is very easy and simple to achieve decent AdSense earnings.

However, the truth is that it is not that easy at all. These ads do not tell you the amount of hard work that is involved in achieving AdSense earning in thousands of dollars per month. There is no legitimate way of earning such huge AdSense cash each month.

So, you must have an idea about realistic AdSense earnings and how much earning you can anticipate if you are fresh on AdSense. An AdSense publisher, on average, makes less than $ 0.50 for each click. The approach of most of the publishers to AdSense is largely shaped by this figure. You need to have sufficient influx of web traffic to your website in order to ensure that you get decent AdSense earnings. Thus, fundamentally, AdSense is about monetization of web traffic.

Many people believe that some reasonable web traffic levels are sufficient to make substantial amounts of AdSense money. But it is not true as majority of the people who visit your website do not click on ads. These ads either go unnoticed or are ignored on purpose. Thus, most of the websites end up having less than 5% click through rates. You will be very lucky to get even 2% clicks on the ads displayed on your website. However, factors like position of ads on the website, quality of the website content and the website theme can have a marked influence on click through rates.

A question that arises is then how much traffic you require to achieve AdSense earnings of about $ 1000 per month? If each click will help you earn $ 0.50 and you have click through rates (CTR) of around 5% then you will require nearly 1400 visitors to your website a day and 42,000 visitors per month to have such earnings. However, if your website content is of high quality that is able to pull relevant and better AdSense ads that have cost per click in the range of $ 1.00, then you will need only half the visitors and can make the same earnings.

But sometimes even some of the finest AdSense publishers struggle to get such high number of people to visit their website in less than 6 months times! If you are a diligent and talented beginner with an organized approach, working extremely hard can help you make such high AdSense earnings each month. Though it is difficult, but it can be achieved.

You need to have patience for making decent AdSense earnings. Practically, a lot of hard work and determination goes into achieving good possible AdSense earnings. When you are joining AdSense, you must face the fact that it will not be easy to make huge amounts of AdSense earnings as most of the ads and websites suggests.

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