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How to Find True Reviews on Hosting which you can Trust

How to Find True Reviews on Hosting which you can Trust

So the next time you scrounge the Internet for a reliable web hosting provider, you will find a number of them matching your criteria, in terms of bandwidth, web space, cPanel and also unlimited domains. What is left now is their proper past record analysis and the customer reviews on their product usage. However, every time you read the reviews, they appear too good to be true, and you face the dilemma on whom to trust and whom not. So, the question is whether you must trust web hosting reviews?

The answer is of course yes, as long as you know that you are following the right criteria to locate them. Many of the times the reviews are mainly the affiliates pushing the service ahead for commission purposes, which often leads to misinterpretation of services concerned. If you want honest opinions, it would require you to undergo little work.

The first and foremost thing is to identify the aspect to be considered. Do not consider reviews given on the left side of the home page of the web hosting company; they could be fraudulent, or the best reviews received by the company till date. Go to your favourite search engine and key in the web hosting company’s name with the word ‘reviews’. The results will show you some biased reviews and some genuine ones. Biased ones generally tend to follow the same format which you can easily track down. Reviews lacking technical information and only giving flowery image of the company are definitely a fabricated one.

It is advised you check the webmaster forums, and get unbiased reviews on the web hosting company of your choice. You will usually find two sides to an ongoing argument. Try focussing on the insight of the company’s support function, which cannot be easily located on a spreadsheet of facts. There are large authority sites which also advertise about the web hosting companies and would always provide genuine feedback. To understand if the site is an authority, you can feel the look, the quantity of content and the overall tone of it. While you choose the web hosting service, make sure you consider factors like customer support service, as its one of the utmost factors of importance today!

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