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How To Install Open Source Cms Joomla

How To Install Open Source Cms Joomla

There are two ways of installing open source CMS Joomla, and these are either by using a web browser installation or a manual installation. Whichever route it could not be easier. Using the browser installation there are 7 steps to follow. With the manual installation there are 7 steps too but with the addition of one further action which is to delete the installation directory.

Before starting it is absolutely necessary to check the minimum system requirements in order to successfully install and use Joomla. MySQL, XML and Zlib functionality must be enabled within your PHP installation, this is controlled in the php.ini file. PHP 5. X series has the best and most consistent results for installing and using Joomla.

Web Browser Installation is as follows:
Step 1 language choice
Step 2 Pre-installation check
Step 4 Database Configuration
Step 5 FTP Configuration
Step 6 Main Configuration
Installing the Default Sample Data
Installing a Compatible SQL Script File
Installing a Migration SQL Script File from an earlier Joomla! Version 1.0 x installation
Step 7 Finish
Manual Installation is as follows:
Step 1 Create and edit the configuration file
Step 2 Edit the SQL file
Step 3 Upload the files to the Web server
Step 4 Create the database and import the Joomla sql data
Step 5 – Create the primary administrator user account
Step 6 Import the sample sql data (optional)
Step 7 Finish
Delete the installation directory.

Although the installation is pretty straight forward there are some known glitches which often occur but there is plenty of support to be found on loads of websites which will help anyone installing Zoomla onto their computers. The Zoomla website has everything on it that one would ever need to install the necessary files and it goes without saying that the support the site offers is great.

The installation is gratis as the whole Zoomla concept is based on it being free of charge for everybody to be able to use. Add-ons and other applications are also gratis which is what makes the package such an attractive one. Its reliability is also another contributing factor of why it has become so popular amongst both website users and providers.

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