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Is It Profitable To Go With GoDaddy Reseller Idea?

Is It Profitable To Go With GoDaddy Reseller Idea?

GoDaddy is a company that sells domains to its customers and provides extensive web hosting services. They also provide other services like e-mail, website security, improving search engine visibility etc. They even provide opportunities for individuals to start their business. You can start your online business by purchasing a domain or you can make your existing business global by creating its website.

GoDaddy has also introduced a new opportunity of making money and that is by reselling GoDaddy products on your website. You can create a website and then sell GoDaddy products, you will not have to provide any service to your customers and the staff of GoDaddy would do all. This is an easy method of making money without putting in much effort. GoDaddy also provides discounts for those who would pay advance subscription fees of 12, 24 or 36 months. They give 10% discount on making payment for one year, 15% for two years and 15 if anyone pays fees for 3 years in advance. They also come up with many other exciting discount deals, which can save a lot of your money.

When you choose to join the reseller program of GoDaddy, they provide you with a pre-built website, which you would use to resell GoDaddy’s products. These websites are capable of making credit card transactions. You can also sell their products on your existing website. They usually offer three reseller packages to their customers, which includes Basic reseller, Pro reseller and super reseller. Basic package only provides only turnkey e-commerce website, pro reseller provides turnkey e-commerce website along with best buy rates and pay per click and super reseller package provides all this and allow you to create multiple revenue streams.

When you buy a reseller package of GoDaddy, you would get to place ads on Google worth $ 100. You will also get a credit of $ 50 of Bing or Yahoo search. Advertisements on Facebook of worth $ 50 are also included in all the above-mentioned packages. Moreover, you would get bonus software and extras which worth around 600 dollars. The company also provides a round the clock customer support for you and your customers. Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, you would also get various tools to maintain your website. All these packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee and if you do not find their services up to standard then you can return it and get your money back.

Figure out more details on GoDaddy reseller and see how to earn by selling using GoDaddy products.

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