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Limitations Of Cloud Hosting

Limitations Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is relatively a new phrase for many people in the business, even people from information technology business itself are confused about its functions. Cloud hosting taking care of high level of traffic with a chain of servers and reducing the requirement of having you upgrade your servers now and then based on your requirement.
Even though cloud hosting is attributed to be the best business solution for the future, it has got a lot of limitations with regard to technology and logistics. Cloud hosting is a new technology and require more to be done to reduce cost of its use. Billing is done on the basis of your use and if you are not extremely careful about the use, you may land in paying heavy bills. Upgrading of servers is said to be troubling since reports of data losses during upgrading the servers is another limitation. Another point to remember is that it is a chain of servers working as a single unit making it vulnerable for data loss or security of your data. Data back up also will be an issue if you are completely depending on the cloud host for your back ups. You may not know from where your data is running and how much it is safe. Also hackers can attack all the clients based on the same chain servers if they get entry into one clients account. All the servers in one chain are destined to work in a single platform making it more vulnerable to attacks. From data centers point of view, they have to purchase or program software for cloud hosting, making it more expensive.
It is to be the best interest of all the people to know that looking towards cloud hosting for its invaluable services that cloud hosting is in developmental stage and there will be lot of changes and developments expected from it in coming days like other technologies developed over the years. The problems faced are temporary glitches and will overcome in the coming days.

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