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Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting

One cannot even keep count of the number of times one has had to play referee to this contest. Linux vs Windows has been one of the most celebrated contests in recent times with followers of both ensuring their favorite gets to take bragging honors. Most of the times, split verdicts have been the call. As of now, honors are even with both scoring landslides over each other. But what is it with them to have instigated this Linux Web Hosting vs Windows Web Hosting slugfest?

Linux Web Hosting has been written on open software code. Open source code is accessible everywhere. It can be downloaded, can be copied and most importantly, can be altered. It is not rigid. Once written, the developer can alter it anytime for convenience. This is one benefit. The next one germinates from this. Because of this open source nature, Linux Web Hosting is competitive enough to host any application. Whatever the software platform on which the application may have been coded, Linux just hosts it. There are no clauses or stipulations.

The costs of hiring the Linux Web Hosting service are very low. You do not pay much for this service and keep things a minimal. Since costs are always a major concern, this is a respite by all means. Also, server applications that come with Linux are available with the package. These include File Server, Web Server, DNS Server and FTP Server. All of them are free to download and use. The usage of the Linux Web Hosting is simplest. You do not have to scratch your head to use it.

Like Linux, Windows Web Hosting too comes with a barrage of benefits. If your applications and websites are relying heavily on the .NET or Visual Basic framework, then Windows Web Hosting is an automatic choice. You get to avail Microsoft Front Page extensions through this. Your server will support it well. Everyone is familiar with the Windows Operating System.

The usage has been legendary and people have been there all along to support it. Windows Web Hosting will always be a great choice if you have to use .ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages. Its superiority is confirmed. Accessing the sites hosted on this happens quickly. You do not have to spend much time lingering with Windows Web Hosting.

These two happen to be the best of hosting services in town and give the end user everything he looks for. His applications get a home. Which one is best, is a decision the end user takes. The use also comes down to what suits you best. Just because you get enamored by the advantages coming in from one does not mean you start running after it. What seems to be moderately useful becomes the best, whereas the one that looks good from the onset turn out to be a damp squib. Weigh in your options and then make a final call. The best one will take your site all the way.

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