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Magazine reviews: People

Magazine reviews: People

People Magazine is all about people. Like when we were in high school and we were dying to know who’s dating who, who broke up with who, who has had a crush n whom and all the latest gossip; but in a cute, almost innocent way. Now you can keep up with Hollywood news like who is expecting a baby; who is getting a divorce; who is having a new crush on whom. Bearing all the inside news you crave about the personalities who fascinate you, People is a weekly magazine, filled with incredible stories about ordinary people and their amazing lives. When you have the urge to know the latest about Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, you simply have to have People.

Originally published in March 1974 by Time Inc., People is the most keenly stolen magazine from lunchrooms and has been passionately read by half the population of America. After years of black-and-white dullness, it has fully become an expert of flashy, full-colour photography coming with colourful photos of celebrities, catchy interviews and analytical articles about the pop culture at large.

Unlike other magazines that focus on celebrity gossip, People magazine is classier. They don’t put people down every chance they get or print false tabloids. They don’t even dig deep into the celebrities’ past to get juicy details and boost the magazine’s circulation. The reporters of People tell the story as it is and they do stories on real life people.

However, sometimes People goes a bit deeper than what we would like to know and it has been slightly criticized for that. But they do it with some sort of gleeful enjoyment. And although they overstep the boundaries sometimes, still they make up with the real life stories of people, who have succeeded. However, People magazine is the most successful magazine in history, without fail.

The weekly features of People include the “Mailbag” where readers voice their opinions on articles they read in past issues; “Star Tracks” that includes celebrities’ pictures with their family and friends; “Scoop” that includes celebrities’ background info; “Online” that features readers’ questions about the do’s and don’ts of the Internet; “Picks & Pans” that highlights on the good and the bad of music, television, movies, and books. “Insider” where celebrities talk behind the scenes about their careers; “Passages” that features the gossip; “Style Watch” that features what celebrities wear and should be ashamed to be seen in; “Puzzler” that features crosswords and “Chatter” that includes last minute thoughts from the celebrities on their careers.

Then, the Big Stories come. Usually, big stories cover over three pages at minimum and there are more than one per issue. This is the part where some gossip comes in about hot shot celebrities or stories about real people, ranging from heroic rescues to medical advancements. People magazine is maybe best known for its annual publication of the “50 Most Beautiful People”. However, the magazine reports also on nationwide events as well as medical and technological advancement affecting global culture today.

Then, the small stories come. It could be about a nun, former Hollywood actress and Elvis’ girlfriend; or about a little boy, who restores alarms. Crossword puzzles, fashion editorials and celebrity interviews’ excerpts are also included. What ever makes you happy, what ever you need is there because people at People know what you want to read.

Personally, I respect greatly how People magazine reports on celebrity and political news. The information provided is reliable and researched, while it is a helpful guide about the hottest in books, music, movies, sports, business, politics, television, science and the arts. What makes People a top notch magazine is its objective commentary on what is going on today without taking sides. I also like People’s annual special issues like “The Sexiest Man Alive”, and seasonal special issues like “The Style Guide”.

With People magazine, readers stay plugged into pop culture trends through entertaining pictures as well as insightful reviews of books, movies and music. Acknowledging that “different” does not necessarily mean “bad”, the People magazine offers a national viewpoint on celebrity and popular culture, bringing on the unreachable dish on celebrity scandals, and touchy wrap-ups on the whereabouts of yesterday’s stars.

So, yes; I would definitely recommend People magazine as it is a valuable source to get informed about the latest cultural trends affecting Hollywood and Americans today. And, after all, People Magazine is all about people.

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