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Make Your Blog Attractive and Streamlined With Tumblr Themes

Make Your Blog Attractive and Streamlined With Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is a popular blogging space for users to put up their images, quotes, text, videos, audios and links. The users can become followers of other users. The users can run and edit their entire blog through their dashboard. Tumblr offers many customized facilities for its users and easy to use options.


It was introduced in 2007 with an easy process of sign-up. There is not requirement of a domain name. Only with a simple username and password along with an optional email id, one can create their tumblr account in minutes. The various forms of subjects that users can add to their tumblelog include photos, links, chats, audio and videos, text and quotes. The updates come through the dashboard. Facilities such as ‘like’ and ‘reblog’ are available to users while going through others blogs.


Tumblr offers many free themes under various categories for its more than three million users. The categories of tumblr themes include animal prints, art backgrounds, black and white themes, collage, color layouts, checkered themes, emo theme, guys, girls, hearts, pop art, messy, vintage, quotes and other patterned and stylish themes. To select a particular theme, log into your tumblr account and choose ‘Customize’ link. In the ‘Theme’ section, click on ‘Use custom HTML’ and paste the code of your statcounter before the code of the closing body html tag. Click on ‘save changes’ to save and update your theme to your account.


Tumblr backgrounds are often said to be more attractive, smooth and efficient than other blogging sites. It offers easy to change backgrounds, themes and layouts without affecting the content of the blog at all. Some of the beautifully designed tumblr background design themes include tumbledesk, redux, perfs, fluid and penguin classic recycled.


Tumblr layouts are ready to be used. Tumblr theme layouts come in many categories and there are several options within these categories of theme layouts. If you are choosing the usually garden theme of tumblr, chances are that a new user visiting your site might not be impressed. It is essential that your layout be unique and looks different from the rest of the users on the tumblog. It is even more essential if you are into social media marketing. Having your tumblr layout created by a designer will give you a custom-made theme layout and a unique look to your site.


Tumblr is a platform for everyone. If you are a stay at home mother, you can share your motherhood experience and household activities with other mothers online through tumblog. If you are a keen photographer and want to share some of your works online, tumblr offers you an opportunity of not only sharing your works but getting collaboration for your business needs.


There is a growing demand of business opportunities through various social networking sites and social media marketing. Only a considerate amount of time, effort and money invested in your blog could get you recognition in the vast network that spreads across the whole world. A steady growth is required to achieve success in the field of blogging.


Find more information relating to tumblr themes, and tumblr layouts here.

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