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Making It Easy with WHM Management

Making It Easy with WHM Management

The Web Hosting Manager (WHM) is an integral part with cPanel reseller program. In the cPanel control panel a client can manage the files for setting the websites. The WHM managing tool helps the clients to manage the clients through the resellers. In WHM, the user can see disk space required, monthly bandwidth which are presently allocated. WHM management helps user to decide to divide them into smaller packages as required. From the WHM location the user can easily monitor the disk space and the traffic inside the cPanel account where the user logged on. In fact the cPanel Reseller program works that helps you to purchase the disk space and the traffic control from the web hosting provider. The user can divide them the way he wants into smaller web hosting packages.

The WHM offers an easy and friendly web interface with well defined menus. The menus are categorized to be identified easier to you to find the correct functionality. The tasks like viewing the error logs at server and restarting services are very easy to be performed. The complicated ones, such as modifying the main PHP settings and re-compiling the Apache web server are also so easy to operate. The WHM works for reseller helping on the billing management and domain management. The WHM mediates between the cPanel control panel and the billing account for the reseller for billing and domain management purposes. The reseller billing account needs to be managed by connecting with the WHM to create and modify accounts automatically. The WHM works with the dedicated and the virtual private server packages as well. In dedicated server the control panel is of choice. Other than managing hosting accounts, the full version of the WHM allows the user to manage all vital services and settings in the server so easily.

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