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My Free Website Builder – Can You Make Money With It?

My Free Website Builder – Can You Make Money With It?

My Free Website Builder is the best website building and designing software you can get on the Internet today.

Developed by Ewen Chia, the software offers users the valuable opportunity to build a professional looking website without an HTML knowledge.

My Free Website Builder is so powerful that it can compete favorably with some of the expensive software sold on the Internet nowadays. The software is compatible with both the Windows and Mac computer. This software can simply be used as an HTML or CSS editor and is so much user friendly that anyone who can type, copy and paste can work with it effectively. This useful software is not designed for professional web designers. So, don’t expect it to have all the functions and properties of professional website building website like Dreamweaver, Frontpage other ones used for by professionals.

The software is not intended to serve the interest of professional designers. Rather, it is expected to provide the basic needs of those who have never built a website before or those who want to acquire the basic knowledge of web designing. With useful features like built in website templates, CSS editor, HTML/plain interface, My Website Builder provides the perfect solution for amateur website builders to enable then build great looking website with absolute simplicity.

My Free Website Builder comes with a very comprehensive step by step written guide and clear video streams to help users during the set up process and to serve as a resource in case they get stuck at any point.

The most interesting part of My Free Website Builder is the money making opportunity it provides. You can make money with My Free Website Builder in three ways.

By building websites for friends and small businesses in your locality.
By working as a freelance website builder.
By promoting the software itself.

You may be thinking how on earth can you make money building websites while you are just a beginner, whereas there are professional website designers everywhere. I want you to realize simple websites such as needed by small businesses don’t require expert knowledge to build. Even, professional web designers don’t have the time for nor interested in those small businesses. They focus mainly on big businesses.

To work as a freelance website builder is easy. Customers will provide you with the content and the software has already provided you with the content. There are hundreds of people looking for freelance website builders with their credit cards in hand to pay you. Visit the link below to find some.

If are not ready for the above, you can simply promote the software by giving it free to people. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the official website of the software for full details. Above all, My Free Website Builder is a software we recommend for anyone willing to build his own software for free. The only week point of the software is that it is not suitable for professional web designers. It might be too basic for them. However, it is quite perfect for you if you are a newbie in web designing. At least, it will save you the cost of hiring website builders for your websites, landing pages, blogs etc. Head or tail, you win.

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