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Oh Yeah! Go Daddy

Oh Yeah! Go Daddy

I was new to the computer; new to website building, matter of fact I did not know anything about HTML or CSS or even what that meant. I, like many people, was out of work and wondering what was I going to do to survive this economy. Its terrifying to think that I was unable to locate work, yet I am a skilled professional with many talents. Another problem was my age, its a fact even though its against the law that the older you are the less value the corporate world places on you, and they look for young fresh faces that can work for the next 20 or 30 years.

So here I was, no work, scared of what my future held, and I decided that while I have the time I was going to learn how to build websites and how to market them. This took all of my time. I went back to school for the first time in like 18 years, that was hard to get used to, I was exhausted every day, my brain felt fried, but I had to keep working at it. I would sit down after school at my computer and think where and how do I find the information I need to learn. I started reading anything I could find on internet marketing, but I bought nothing. I only wanted the information, I was not experienced enough to jump into something I did not understand.

I checked out many sites and learned that article marketing was the best way to go, but again, I was not sure what to market or what niche I needed to do. I felt the best thing to do was small static sites (I know what that means!) WOW! I am surprised how far I have come. Anyway its my stab at the internet world and I am still very inexperienced. But what I wanted to tell you is that I needed to put my site on the internet and I do use the program Dreamweaver to create my websites.

I went with Host Jester and I got so confused, and I could not get any assistance, I left support ticket after support ticket, and I did not receive a response for 5 days, now mind you I still do not have any sites up because I was completely lost and had to fight the feelings of I cant do this that I was feeling because of my lack of success with Host Jester.

I started looking around and found one on one help with 24/7 service, where I could talk to a live, living human being that I could understand, you know what I mean if you live in the United States, its a pain to get on the phone with customer service and they are from another country, so you keep asking What did you say? over and over until you think you understand what they said. I really hate that, I know they want to do well, but if I cant understand what they are saying then I become frustrated and dont ask the questions I need to ask, just so I can get off the phone and find another source of assistance.

But they speak my language here and have complete support with the goal of easing my mind. This is what he said to me, when I called in with my first problem; I am running through all my issues and my voice is getting higher and Im speaking faster, letting them know how frustrated I was without saying Im ready to go into a corner and cry, please help. You might know how that feels, well he said this to me, its ok; we got this, Im going to help you and you can do this. It just stopped me for a second and I replied, you got this? he giggled and said its ok; we are here to take care of YOU. WOW, he was calm, polite and best of all he understood my anxiety.

These people (support staff) went out of their way to guild me, they sent e-mails with step by step instructions, they sat on the phone with me and told me what buttons to push, and what numbers to put in, my god I didnt know this kind of customer service existed anymore. Listen up Corporate America, you could take a lesson from this company and gain repeat customer business for years to come, and earn fans for your company. Fifteen years ago I would never have thought that I would write something like this for a company, customer service was the norm,

but not anymore. I am a fan, can you tell, thats because with Go Daddy I had my first site up and running in a couple of days, I just had to wait for my site to become active so I could load my content into it. Every time I called (3 times in 2 days) they got me a step farther, and I am truly impressed with their customer service. Go to click on the banner at the bottom of the page for extra savings, youll be amazed.

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