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Popular Kitchen Remodel Design Themes

Popular Kitchen Remodel Design Themes

Can’t decide how to transform your kitchen? The sky’s the limit as far as design options are concerned, but sometimes that can be overwhelming! Check out some of the most popular kitchen designs today to see if one will work for you.

Body: Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house – it’s where your family eats, prepares food, entertains company, and catches up together after a long day. As such an important player in home décor, your kitchen shouldn’t be smothering, dated, or dowdy – it should welcome visitors and residents alike with a warm, open feeling of comfort and health.

If you’re considering a worn or outdated kitchen décor, it may seem overwhelming to choose between all of the styles and color options available. But choosing an attractive decorating scheme doesn’t have to be a lot of work! Below are some of the most popular choices among today’s decorators – with luck, you’ll find something among them that sparks your interest and imagination.

The classic kitchen design is a homey country kitchen. Usually decorated in white and honey tones, the country kitchen has big, airy windows, plenty of counter space, and beautiful white or natural paneled wooden kitchen cabinets. Gingham or cotton curtains with delicate floral prints and an understated ruffle can add feminine appeal for the lady of the house, and a farm-style sink can give a rustic feel to the overall design. Glazed white dishes and serving wear can provide a comforting finishing touch. Just pass the gravy boat and mind your manners!

For the more modern kitchen decorator, an Art Deco design may hold some appeal. Try a bold cream-and-white checkered granite tiled floor, and add bright pops of red and green to the overall sleek, monochromatic look of the room. Modern lighting fixtures and bold geometric designs on chair backs and dishes can add an additional flair.

An Old World kitchen design may be perfect for those looking to honor their European ancestry. A rustic wooden island in the center of the kitchen will ground the entire room, while bright copper pots hung overhead along with braided strings of garlic can provide a practical and beautiful visual centerpiece. Rough stone tiles and white plaster for the walls will add an air of authenticity, while wicker baskets will recall the fresh-picked herbs and mushrooms that might once have occupied them.

Whatever your style, there’s a kitchen to suit you! Kitchen cabinets, tiles, sink fixtures, and other decorating elements don’t have to cost a bundle, and choosing the right ones will set a theme that makes everyone in your kitchen feel great just stepping foot inside. Choose from the ideas above, or go online to find the one that’s right for you.

As a photographer, Ara Hovsepian has photographed before and after sessions for a variety of kitchen designers, and knows a good look when he sees one. For more of his kitchen and home décor advice, check out

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